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News: McDonalds announces three limited edition “Quarter Pounder Jewelery” burgers

McDonalds Japan has announced that they will be releasing three new, one-day-only, “Quarter Pounder Jewelery” burgers Saturdays in July. So-called because of their luxurious nature and rare ingredients, the burgers will be available at participating locations across the country. Japan … Continue reading

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Review: Kit Kat Big Little Adult White Chocolate

Review: Kit Kat Big Little Adult White Chocolate Purchased: November 2012 Best Before: September 2013 Review: January 2013 Manufactured by Nestle Japan Given the infinite variety of the Japanese combini, you’d think I’d be big enough to not hold … Continue reading

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Review: Pepsi Salty Watermelon

So I don’t live in Japan, but I do seem very fortunate in that I manage—by hook or by crook—to try many of the special, seasonal, limited snacks and beverages produced for the denizens of that nation. I’m very lucky to get to travel there, and luckier still that I’ve made some friends there that are willing to hook me up.

Which is a round-about way of saying: I was totally sad when Pepsi announced their newest limited edition flavour, Salty Watermelon. I’ve really loved some of their recent flavours like Mont Blanc and Strawberry Milk (“Pepsi Pink”), but there’s no way that the limited-edition summer product would be on store shelves by the time I visited Tokyo in November, 2012. Luckily, my friend Aki was nice enough to pick up a few bottles and hold onto them for me… for the better part of 3 months! It was a seriously nice thing of him to do, and I’m very grateful for it. I assume you are too, as you get to read what I have to say about this very unique beverage…! ;) Continue reading

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Review: Kit Kat x Rilakkuma Hot Cake Kit Kat

Over on my ‘regular’ blog, I covered a pancake-flavoured beverage a few years back that still gets all sorts of crazy hits, and (spoiler) it was delicious, and so my hopes going into this collaboration between an exciting flavour courtesy of a cutesy icon rapidly approaching Hello Kitty levels of popularity and my beloved chocolate wafers… well… they were high. Let’s put it that way: I had high expectations. Continue reading


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Special Feature Review: Tsukuro! Obento! (Make it! Bento!)

When partner-in-crime Todd and I spotted the bright orange and busy packaging of “Tsukuro! Obento!” in the snack aisle of the T&T Supermarket, more than one question jumped into my head, but I guess one of the first was, “Are there English instructions?” Thanks to my powerful bilingualism, I could immediately understand the name of this treat: Make it! Bento box! And even the tiny letters on the back detailing each step of making it were no mystery to me. But, I wondered, what about the non-Japanese speakers that were likely in the majority in this supermarket and indeed, in the city? How will they make their own bento? Continue reading

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